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AdrenalineX Development / Re: GTAU:MP AdrenalineX beta testing
« on: October 06, 2008, 10:34:18 pm »
I m currently tring to find the skin id of my favorite skin... Realy hard the skins is not in any list :P
Hope that the skin works with United^^

Sorry for the long time i was unable to play on the server. I got some private problems and I have to find a solution for them first.,

Your Seoson

AdrenalineX Development / Re: GTAU:MP AdrenalineX beta testing
« on: October 05, 2008, 03:25:36 pm »
I like the GTAU Server, but there are so many buggy things.

The Game crashes for example but at this point we are unable to change it.

Now some things you could change:
- To avoid Gamecrashes just Teleport a User who entred the server FIRST to an Place in Vice City near the selection Screen and than after that to the race start.
- If someone makes an new Highscore check the vehicle first so u can´t make records with wrong vehicles or without. [ViceRC first Record by me made without a car(Join Bug)]
- [DONE] Please set the mapped bridge from VC to LC to an other location!(At the Beach for example) It blocks the street and my RoadBrake Race! It´s now impossible to make an record.
- Please change the set Checkpoint or Ramp button to avoid /buildmode conflicts with Ramp Races
- Unlock the new Races or give someone the permission to do that.

I hope that also new user get on the server and enjoy in this new experience!

Your Seoson

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