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AdrenalineX Development / Ban duel
« on: March 03, 2015, 09:47:24 pm »
Last night I made a "talk" or "special" duel with Wunder (I think), if I lose I get ban for one month. And I lost and I got ban (only one week, admin and race winner insisted on one week ban and not month ban). I can say, this race (duel) bumping my hearth crazy. That adrenaline that i got in this race...OMG! This was really ADRENALINEX! So my suggestion is to create "ban" duel. Now we have only "money duel". You can only get money from duel what is really not big deal if you lose it, but if you lose option to play on server for one month....ufff...You better win this one!

Now we have option:
- /duel [id] [money]

With this one, could be:
- /duel [id] dban
- /duel [id] wban
- /duel [id] mban

dban = day ban (24h)
wban = week ban (168h)
mban = month ban (744h)

I hope you understand me, I know, my english is not perfect, It's terrible, but I still think this is quite understandable. It's possible?

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