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Suggestions / Buildmode race testing
« on: June 23, 2014, 05:00:47 pm »
Would it be possible to test just a specific part of your race in buildmode? For example i'd define I want to test my race from cp 19 and it would automatically teleport me to its location.
I'd find it very handy because when I'm making a race which is a bit longer than usually, I test it several times to see if it's ok. But as you progress, it's annoying to test it from start over and over again. :(

Here are the final results! I tried to update players' nicknames to their current ones and also I apologize it's not properly sorted but honestly I couldn't be bothered lol

Favourite driver
1st: 19 votes - [2F2F]DodgeR
2nd: 10 votes - [2F2F]Mute
3rd: 2 votes - [2F2F]alex, (MAF)mewoface, Draguna_[GT]
4th: 1 vote - Gornall43, [2F2F]Hellmuth, [FSR]Martin, [FSR]Epicnoob, [MAF]Cthulhu, [LSR]MiKoLaJ, [LSR]InZaneR, [V3loc1Ty], b00tsyou, Gruk_[GT], TrainDriverLS

Favourite stunter
1st: 7 votes - [AK47]M4lysz
2nd: 6 votes - pajko
3rd: 3 votes - [NSG]EGjunge, Apple_iHax_[GT]
4th: 2 votes - [2F2F]DodgeR, MadMax[MAF] 2
5th: 1 vote - [2F2F]alex, [2F2F]Phil_Ivey, [2F2F]vakula[UA], [AK47]Rob, [FSR]Fucktard, [FSR]Martin, [MAF]meowingtons, TomTomGo

Favourite biker
1st: 29 votes - pajko
2nd: 4 votes - [AK47]M4lysz
3rd: 1 vote - [FSR]Martin, [2F2F]Painkiller, [MAF]meowingtons, [MAF]Vertigo

Favourite pilot
1st: 6 votes - [MAF]Karlis
2nd: 5 votes - [LSR]Brasco, MadMax[MAF]
3rd: 4 votes - [2F2F]Painkiller
4th: 2 votes - [MAF]falky
5th: 1 vote - [2F2F]DodgeR, [AK47]odala, [HUN]Mark_Twain, [LSR]Sky2Fly, Gornall43, Gruk_[GT], Joeee, pajko, [RSD]Plato, TomTomGo

Favourite drifter
1st: 14 votes - [2F2F]cake
2nd: 3 votes - [MWR]Pesadilla
3rd: 2 votes - [2F2F]Painkiller
4th: 1 vote -  [2F2F]Mute, [FSR]Martin, [FSR]WeedO,  [SRS]FrancyR7, [UFUF]____A____, Gornall43, Lamiskaa, Kittens, modified handling.dat

Favourite race maker
1st: 6 votes - [2F2F]Hellmuth
2nd: 5 votes - [AK47]M4lysz
3rd: 4 votes - [MAF]meowingtons, [MAF]mooman, [MAF]Vertigo
4th: 3 votes - [2F2F]Mute
5th: 2 votes - [FSR]Martin, [MAF]Cthulhu, MadMax[MAF], Troublemaker_[GT],
6th: 1 vote -  [2F2F]alex, [2F2F]cake, [FSR]subaru, [MAF]Rac3r [OSR]Icecold_,[UK]BoxOfTrix, Gornall43, palm_tree

Favourite mapper
1st: 10 votes -  MadMax[MAF]
2nd: 7 votes - [AK47]M4lysz
3rd: 3 votes - [MAF]Cromiell
4th: 2 votes  - [SR]Jake
5th: 1 vote - [AK47]skunk, [MAF]Rac3r, haubitze, MTA map editor

Favourite nickname
1st: 6 votes  - [UK]PongoBongo
2nd: 4 votes  - Jowblob
3rd: 2 votes  - [MAF]mooman, [TFGO]Snuwman
4th: 1 vote - [2F2F]DodgeR, [2F2F]Mute, [FSR]APEXi, [FSR]JointO,  [FSR]Sork., [FSR]Ush,  [LAST]VAGINA, [MAF]Cthulhu, [MAF]mewingtons, [sexy]kebab, 12345678910, [SiK]"ThE_0nE", chatoffsorryforram,  CousinLetsGoBowling,  EdyTheBest1997, haubitze, LiLWAYNE,, OuzoMeze

Favourite player
1st: 4 votes - [2F2F]Mute
2nd: 2 votes - [MAF]Agus, [2F2F]cake, [TFGO]_Gabbie_, Troublemaker_[GT], [FSR]Ush, [2F2F]DodgeR, [OSR]Icecold_, [MAF]Rac3r
3rd: 1 vote - [MAF]mooman, Madeyes_[GT], [MAF]Karlis, TomTomGo, CousinLetsGoEating, [NSG]sannii, [TFGO]Snuwman, Torete_[GT], [UK]PongoBongo, Gornall43, Draguna_[GT], [OSR]RuBenXitoH, Gruk_[GT], [FSR]Martin, (MAF)mewoface, [2F2F]zero, elanista, fastpaul

Favourite player to race with
1st: 6 votes - [2F2F]DodgeR
2nd: 3 votes - (MAF)mewoface, [2F2F]Mute
3rd: 2 votes - Madeyes_[GT], [NSG]sannii, [2F2F]alex, [LSR]MiKoLaJ, [OSR]Hades
4th: 1 vote - [MAF]Agus, [2F2F]cake, elanista, [MAF]meowingtons, [UK]PongoBongo, [LSR]Watermelon, [TFGO]_Gabbie_, [AK47]odala, [FSR]1vka, [AK47]SkerO, Torete_[GT], Gornall43, TomTomGo, [UMF]Scorpion, [MAF]Cthulhu, Gruk_[GT], [FSR]Martin, palm_tree, [2F2F]zero, b00tsyou

Favourite shooter in IV races
1st: 18 votes - [AK47]K1ll3R
2nd: 9 votes - [MAF]mooman
3rd: 4 votes - [2F2F]cake
4th: 1 vote - [AK47]odala, Troublemaker_[GT], [FSR]WeedO, [MAF]meowingtons, [2F2F]Painkiller, Deagle

Favourite DMer
1st: 20 votes  -[2F2F]cake
2nd: 3 votes - [AK47]K1ll3R
3rd: 2 votes - [TFGO]_Gabbie_
4th: 1 vote - [TFGO]Snuwman, [NSG]Haruken_x3, [TeK]DamageDz

Favourite mode in AX (/tt, /stunt, /tv etc)
1st: 20 votes  - /race
2nd: 7 votes  - /tv
3rd: 5 votes  - /afk
4th: 4 votes  - /stunt, /tt
5th: 2 votes - /spec
6th: 1 vote - /bm, /q

Least favourite mode
1st: 9 votes - /tv, /tt
2nd: 6 votes - /dm
3rd: 5 votes - /afk
4th: 1 vote - /spec, /stunt, SAID 

Favourite clan
1st: 14 votes - [2F2F]
2nd: 10 votes - [MAF]
3rd: 5 votes - [AK47], [GT]
4th: 3 votes - [FSR]
5th: 2 votes - [OSR]
6th: 1 vote - [NSG], [RSD], TB, [ TT88]

Most annoying clan
1st: 12 votes - [ISG]
2nd:8 votes - [LSR]
3rd: 4 votes - [GT], [H[N]L]
4th: 3 votes - [TFGO]
5th: 2 votes - [2F2F]
6th: 1 vote - [RSD], [SR], [$R], [SRS],[TT88]

Most annoying player
1st: 4 votes - [P$Y]SkYRooBi, SuperJames
2nd: 2 votes - Training, Vanilla_spy, EdyTheBest1997, malipop, TomTomGo, Troublemaker_[GT], [2F2F]cake, [LSR]MiKoLaJ, [SRS]_Genius
3rd: 1 vote - [RSX]matcus, BanaNaMan, Shikhar_Verma, BITEP, [NSG]Haruken_x3, [SRS]FrancyR7, Pino, [2F2F]Phil_Ivey, [FSR]FaiLzZ, [ISG]BulleT, MadMax[MAF], Supr4Re4l

Biggest record whore
1st: 18 votes - [2F2F]Mute
2nd: 5 votes - [2F2F]Painkiller, [2F2F]DodgeR
3rd: 4 votes - [2F2F]alex, Draguna_[GT]
4th: 1 vote - Gornall43

Biggest spammer
1st: 6 votes - EdyTheBest1997
2nd: 4 votes - [P$Y]SkYRooBi, [FSR]Ush
3rd: 3 votes - TomTomGo, SuperJames
4th: 2 votes - malipop
5th: 1 vote - BanaNaMan, [UFUF]____A____, KnucklesTR, ronoit, AutoAdmin, Core_i7, [SRS]Francy7, Kittens

Biggest rammer
1st: 7 votes - [SRS]_Genius
2nd: 3 votes - Crespo
3rd: 2 votes - MasterTrupov, [UFUF]____A____, CrazyHorse, Kradziej, Arcangel_[GT]
4th: 1 vote - Dirty_Lui, [NR]Kannario, sync, Troublemaker_[GT], TrainDriverLS, [RB]Bruce, nugis, [PSY]Ravan, [P$Y]SkYRooBi, [NSG]EGjunge, [FSR]FaiLzZ, SuperJames

Biggest troll
1st: 12 votes - [MAF]mooman
2nd: 5 votes - SuperJames
3rd: 4 votes - TomTomGo
4th: 3 votes - [2F2F]cake
5th: 2 votes - ...
6th: 1 vote - [Eternal]DaBaR, TrainDriverLS, [2F2F]DodgeR, [OSR]Hades, EdyTheBest1997, [SRS]FrancyR7, Pino, Gruk_[GT], malipop

Biggest rager
1st: 7 votes - Gornall43, SuperJames
2nd: 5 votes - [LSR]MiKoLaJ
3rd: 4 votes - Draguna_[GT], [2F2F]cake
4th: 3 votes - [2F2F]Mute
5th: 2 votes - [2F2F]Painkiller
6th: 1 vote - [FSR]FaiLzZ, Training, [FSR]WeedO, Moon_[GT]

Biggest lagger
1st: 9 votes - turlupin
2nd: 3 votes - Brazil, malipop
3rd: 2 votes - [MAF]Vertigo, AdrenalineX
4th: 1 vote - EdyTheBest1997, [LSR]Cassidy, [P$Y]SkYRooBi, Troy_McClure, SA-MP, RaiderZ_[GT], [UFUF]____A____, _[H[N]L]_, [ISG], Skyline_[GT], Latin America, M4V3R1CK

Worst driver
1st: 12 votes - malipop
2nd: 3 votes - EdyTheBest1997
3rd: 2 votes - [P$Y]SkYRooBi, [FSR]FaiLzZ
4th: 1 votes - [2F2F]Phil_Ivey, (MAF)mewoface, Dirty_Lui, [FSR]Martin, [MAF]mooman, [LSR]InZaneR, [2F2F]DodgeR, TrainDriverSF, KrushX, turlupin, [FSR]Ali

Funniest player
1st: 10 votes - [MAF]mooman
2nd: 5 votes - SuperJames
3rd: 3 votes - [FSR]Ush, [2F2F]cake
4th: 1 vote - [FSR]Ali, [TFGO]_Gabbie_, [2F2F]Mute, [MAF]Agus, [TFGO]Snuwman, Gornall43, [LSR]MoerkZ, [2F2F]Phil_Ivey, Charger, hades, [FSR]WeedO, Gruk_[GT], [RSD]Plato, fastpaul

Least funny player
1st: 3 votes - malipop, [UFUF]____A____, EdyTheBest1997
2nd: 2 votes - TomTomGo, elanista, Training, [MAF]Karlis
3rd: 1 vote - [P$Y]SkYRooBi, Vanilla_spy, Reedly, [2F2F]cake, [2F2F]Pain[AK47]K1ll3R, Jowblob, [SRS]FrancyR7

Wierdest player
1st: 7 votes - Pino
2nd: 5 votes - MadMax[MAF]
3rd: 4 votes - [2F2F]Phil_Ivey
4th: 3 votes - TomTomGo, malipop
5th: 2 votes - [FSR]Ush, training
6th: 1 vote - Troublemaker_[GT], Riot, ironman, [BCNS]CASJACK_, EdyTheBest1997, [2F2F]alex, [FSR]FaiLzZ, [LFS]ChargeR

Player with best behaviour
1st: 7 votes - [LSR]Cypher
2nd: 5 votes - palm_tree
3rd: 3 votes - [MAF]Agus, [2F2F]Mute
4th: 2 votes - Pino, elanista, [MAF]mooman, [MAF]meowingtons, EdyTheBest1997, [FSR]Martin
5th: 1 vote - [FSR]Krissi, turlupin, [LSR]Brasco, [FSR]Ush, [2F2F]DodgeR, [RSD]Plato, ____]M[____, [MAF]Rac3r

Player you'd like to meet most in person
1st: 6 votes - [MAF]mooman
2nd: 4 votes - [2F2F]DodgeR
3rd: 3 votes - [FSR]Ush
4th: 2 votes - [2F2F]Mute, Torete_[GT]
5th: 1 vote - [MAF]Agus, [2F2F]cake, Gen, TomTomGo, Madeyes_[GT], [AK47]odala, [LSR]InZaneR, [MAF]Vertigo, [FSR]WeedO, [LSR]MiKoLaJ, [OSR]Icecold_, [OSR]RuBenXitoH, [MAF]Rac3r, [MAF]Cromiell, EdyTheBest1997, [2F2F]alex, ChargeR_[GT], fastpaul, [FSR]Martin

Player you think deserves to be admin
1st: 8 votes - Gornall43
2nd: 5 votes - [TFGO]_Gabbie_
3rd: 2 votes - [2F2F]cake, Torete_[GT], ChargeR_[GT], [LSR]Exodus
4th: 1 vote - [UMF]Scorpion, [MAF]mooman, EdyTheBest1997, SuperJames, ironman, [NSG]EGjunge, [UFUF]____A____, Madeyes_[GT], Gruk_[GT], [2F2F]zero, fastpaul

Most missed player
1st: 8 votes - [MAF]Rac3r
2nd: 4 votes - [2F2F]slowdoh
3rd: 3 votes - Mosca
4th: 2 votes - [MAF]falky, Joeee, Training
5th: 1 vote - (MAF)mewoface, [B1LLY],MikeGT, [AK47]K1ll3R, [FSR]subaru, [SR]Jake, Spranaceana_[GT], [SMF]slowmotiioN, [UMF]Outlaw, Elena_[GT]

Most improved player
1st: 13 votes - [2F2F]Mute
2nd: 2 votes - Madeyes_[GT], SuperJames, [TFGO]_Gabbie_, Gruk_[GT]
3rd: 1 vote - Gornall43, [NSG]EGjunge, [AK47t]veRy, Training, [UFUF]____A____, [FSR]BaroN, malipop, [OSR]eXperT, [OSR]Hades, BreakDown, [LSR]MiKoLaJ

Most player friendly admin
1st: 10 votes - [FSR]Martin
2nd: 9 votes - [MAF]Agus
3rd: 4 votes - [RSD]Plato, [2F2F]Mute
4th: 3 votes - [MAF]Rac3r
5th: 2 votes - palm_tree, [FSR]Ush, [MAF]meowingtons, [MAF]mooman, [LSR]Cypher
6th: 1 vote - EdyTheBest1997, [MAF]Karlis, [MAF]Cthulhu, gavish_gooch, [2F2F]DodgeR

Most effective admin
1st: 10 votes - [MAF]meowingtons
2nd: 7 votes - [AK47]odala
3rd: 5 votes - [RSD]Plato
4th: 4 votes - [MAF]mooman
5th: 3 votes - [FSR]Martin
6th: 1 vote - [MAF]Agus, [MAF]falky, elanista, [FSR]Ush, b00tsyou, MadMax[MAF], gavish_gooch, [MAF]Rac3r

Most abusive admin
1st: 7 votes - [FSR]Ush
2nd: 3 votes - [2F2F]Phil_Ivey, MadMax[MAF]
3rd: 2 votes - [MAF]Cthulhu, [RSD]Plato
4th: 1 vote - gavish_gooch, ..., [FSR]Martin, [AK47]K1ll3R, [2F2F]Mute, EdyTheBest1997, [MAF]falky

Favourite admin
1st: 9 votes - [FSR]Martin
2nd: 7 votes - [MAF]Agus
3rd: 5 votes - [RSD]Plato
4th: 4 votes - [2F2F]alex, [MAF]mooman
5th: 3 votes - [MAF]meowingtons
6th: 2 votes - [AK47]odala
7th: 1 votes - [MAF]Rac3r, [LSR]Cypher, MadMax[MAF], [2F2F]Mute, [MAF]Cthulhu, Brea_Bennet, EdyTheBest1997,

Most awards won
1st: 3 awards - [2F2F]Mute, [MAF]mooman
2nd: 2 awards - [2F2F]cake, [2F2F]DodgeR, [FSR]Martin, EdyTheBest1997, Gornall43, malipop, SuperJames
3rd: 1 award - [2F2F]Hellmuth, [AK47]K1ll3R, [AK47]M4lysz, [FSR]Ush, [SRS]_Genius, [LSR]Cypher, MadMax[MAF], [MAF]meowingtons, [MAF]Karlis, [MAF]Rac3r, [P$Y]SkYRooBi, [UFUF]____A____, [UK]PongoBongo, pajko, Pino, turlupin

Hey! It's almost December and I couldn't find this topic anywhere so I decided to make it myself this year, since mooman who made it last year probably forgot or was just lazy :L and slowdoh isn't around.
You may notice several new categories too.

  • No voting for yourself or your own clan (NB: You can vote for your clan members)
  • One vote per category
  • Try to base votes from experience
  • No flaming (please)
  • Please only vote once
  • Don't give arguments for your choice. Only the answer.
Note: You don't have to fill in every category, just leave it blank if you don't want to vote.

Favourite driver:
Favourite stunter:
Favourite biker:
Favourite pilot:
Favourite drifter:
Favourite race maker:
Favourite mapper:
Favourite nickname:
Favourite player:
Favourite player to race with:
Favourite shooter in IV races:
Favourite DMer:
Favourite mode in AX (/tt, /stunt, /tv etc):
Least favourite mode:
Favourite clan:
Most annoying clan:
Most annoying player:
Biggest record whore:
Biggest spammer:
Biggest rammer:
Biggest troll:
Biggest rager:
Biggest lagger:
Worst driver:
Funniest player:
Least funny player:
Weirdest player:
Player with best behaviour:
Player you'd like to meet most in person:
Player you think deserves to be admin:
Most missed player:
Most improved player:
Most player friendly admin:
Most effective admin:
Most abusive admin:
Favourite admin:

Please, keep the same layout as it's easier to count the votes, thank you.
Voting closes on 28th December so you have more than 1 month to vote, the results will be available on 30th December.

I'll add my votes soon, have fun!

Suggestions / Most crashes statistic
« on: August 21, 2013, 07:41:21 pm »
got an idea for something quite funny - after every race the server would tell us which player crashed most times in a race, it would be probably best shown in the chatbox

Number of crashes could also be added to /stats of every player actually, like 1st places, 2nd etc.. :)

I'd find it intersting :L

Bug Reports / Beachfront race
« on: April 11, 2013, 05:10:08 pm »
i don't know if it's a bug but the old Beachfront race made by switch seems to be now replaced with Beachfront by [MAF]Epoxi lol
records were also overwritten

Off-Topic / E-mails from an Asshole
« on: June 24, 2012, 09:22:25 am »
Some of you may already know this website or have seen some e-mails elsewhere but this must be the funniest thing I've seen in a long time lol.
To explain what it is: one guy responds to various ads on the internet with different names and troll people, BUT the way how he does that makes him the master of all trolls IMO. He's a fucking genius :L

You can find all e-mails here, the newest ones are at the top.

Here's an example, I laughed so hard at this one :L

Off-Topic / Qu8k - High Altitude Rocket video
« on: October 10, 2011, 08:16:26 pm »
For those who haven't seen it yet :P

On September 30, 2011 at 11:08am, Derek Deville's Qu8k (pronounced "Quake") launched from the Black Rock Desert in Nevada to an altitude of 121,000' before returning safely to earth. Above 99% of the atmosphere the sky turns black in the middle of the day and the curvature of the earth is clearly visible.

Watch with sounds on! It's cool and quite creepy when the rocket is in space :L

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Bug Reports / Car stereo upgrade bug [SA-MP Bug]
« on: September 01, 2011, 03:50:43 pm »
when anyone upgrades their car with stereo in /tm, auto admin considers it as a hack lol

Bug Reports / /newraces bug [Fixed]
« on: August 01, 2011, 08:16:24 pm »
Simply if you load a new race using /newraces, the race will be still there even after you add or delete it.

Unban Requests / MOVED: GTA 5 - San Andreas?
« on: July 27, 2011, 07:56:19 pm »

Off-Topic / Youtube Snake
« on: August 20, 2010, 04:48:26 pm »
Some of you maybe knows about it, but if you don't, there is a hidden game on YouTube - Snake  :D
This picture tells you how to start playing ;) It works almost on all videos on the site.

Off-Topic / Happy Birthday Cypher!
« on: July 27, 2010, 11:29:14 am »
Happy Birthday dude!  :D

Off-Topic / World's Largest Spherical Panorama
« on: December 21, 2009, 03:46:32 pm »
it was made in czech republic woo lol
This image is currently (as of 12/2009) the largest spherical panoramic photo in the world. It is 192,000 pixels wide and 96,000 pixels tall. That’s 18.4 billion pixels, or 18.4 gigapixels! When it’s printed, it will be 16 meters (53 feet) long at regular photographic quality (300dpi). It was shot in early October 2009 from the top of the Zizkov TV Tower in Prague, Czech Republic. A digital SLR camera and a 200mm lens were used. Hundreds of shots were shot over a few hours; these shots were then stitched together on a computer over the following few weeks.

Bug Reports / TT race starts [Fixed]
« on: December 08, 2009, 09:39:40 pm »
countdown is bugged, it only shows 3, 2, GO!
there is not 1  :L

Bug Reports / Restart option [Fixed]
« on: December 08, 2009, 09:35:50 pm »
restart option won't disappear after 2nd restart like it used to be before :-\

Bug Reports / Death box bug [Fixed]
« on: December 08, 2009, 09:27:44 pm »
if a player fall of a high place and die, the death box displays his/her name twice

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