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Clan war NKC vs RTF(Video)

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17.02.2018 - NKC and RTF drove clan war on mta server. The winner of the clan war is RTF. Congratulations, great atmosphere and even better driving.

CW with 15 races. This is first, every race is recorded and the others can be seen in direct link( ).

Probably the first ever "international" race war :D
Was really fun to play, thanks RTF for the game and Waldek for great races.

First impression: even MAF in its prime could beat NKC...

Sabre race sucked, and the ones with turismo and uranus were too bumpy. Funny how literally nobody used highway shortcut in comet race.

This just proves how racing on AX with bunch of shit races and no ghost mode trains you better and gives more skill.

Also once again: 100fps>50/60fps

Can you abstain from your useless comments? These guys aren't the best in mta. Don't start the shitstorm between samp and mta players.

I'm just saying how it is, the fact that the truth hurts is another thing...


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