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Join the AX Discord!
« on: March 09, 2017, 11:34:56 pm »
Hello friends.

AX used to have social platforms besides the forum such as a Mumble or Team speak server, but since both of those are down me and Cake have put together a discord server that you now can join. The Discord app is very easy to use and configure, it requires no download and can be used both for voice-chatting and regular chatting aswell.

A list of advantages compared to similar clients: -------------- I think the best thing about is that you can just have it open in your browser without it taking up too much performance. It's really simple to use and configure. Could be useful for cheater reports or any other immediate assistence that may be required. It's possible to set up multiple voice and text channels for just hanging out too. ----------------- Follow this link to join:

Have fun!

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Re: Join the AX Discord!
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