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Okay, some of you know the things I can afford are not sponsored by my "cool parents" but I can handle it on my own instead - by earning money online since 2 years. I start with this sentence because I'm not looking for people to sponsor me or so. I want to share a website you might be interested in. It's free - if you spend some time in front of monitor anyway then you can at least grab small ammount of money (which actually still can become quite big in a longer time terms). And if you have a few $$ in your pocket and you'd like to invest it's even better. Should be back at around +47,5% rate after a month without any risk of losing it. It's not gambling lol

PaidVerts is an ad platform which shares its incomes with users (don't say it's bux because it isn't at all, kinda PTC). Quite big project started in April (the family of project MyTrafficValue MTV). At the moment it's ranked at aprox 19,000 global websites ranking. In less than 3 months. It speaks for itself.

- You're viewing people ads for 30 seconds. It works this way: you click on ad -> write 3 captchas -> you view the ad for 30 seconds (no need to watch, just leave open) -> confirm
- To view these ads you need BAP points which also determines the $$ value of ads you receive. The more points you have the more money you will earn. BAP points are awarded every day by clicking so called "activation ads" or by buying advertising campaigns
- Advertising campaigns cost starts from 1$ (1 pack) which includes 50 visits to your website, 100 views 125x125 banner and 25 views for 728x90 banner
- Every 1$ ordered campaign adds 3,100 BAP points to your account so that's how you get points faster and make yourself eligible for getting better money by viewing ads
- Every 1$ earnt = -2,000 BAP points from your account. As you can see, you buy - you spend; you buy - you spend. That's how you earn.
- You can buy Ads Campaigns (1$ ones) by paying in real life money so you rise your BAP points on bigger gap levels. This way you can earn more and more money daily (for me it was around 10$-20$ daily when i was on medium gap)
- You have 18 hours to view ads, then they recycle and go to other people (so there is no money wasted like on other shitty websites)
- Website is totally transparent and you can view anything related to users and current state of ads and such - no risk

Every higher gap earns more. Gaps are as follow (BAP Points):

100 to 1600
1600 to 6400
6400 to 12000
12000 to 24000
24k to 48k
48k to 96k
96k to 180k
180k to 360k
360k to 720k
720k to 1.5m
1.5m to 3m
3m to 6m
6m and up

If you are not intersted - don't bother mine and yours time in asking anything. And if you think you will make lot of bucks in 2 days - then throw this post to bonfire either way. I made the topic for people that might be aware of some facts and would like to check out that online earning is surely possible. If you guys ask about more info and would like to jump in I will answer all of your questions here.

My referral link is:
If you don't want to make my ass rich use this:

Some vids:


P.S These ads campaigns are bullshit of course. You can advertise redtube if you want. I ordered views for AdrenalineX website for example lol. Don't have my own websites to use at the moment. Well, I do. But they are kinda illegal lol. On Monday I'm investing around 200$. I doubt anyone here wants to put money in but if you want to start, ask my about anything.
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