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Posted by SA-MP on 09 Jun 2008
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Update on recent security concerns :: Posted by SA-MP on 09 Jun 2008
The website and master server lists have been reopened. For now, the security situation appears normal. You can continue to use the SA-MP software if you wish and we’ll be releasing some further security updates within the next two weeks. We’ll also be monitoring the security situation and news will be posted here if there are any threats.

Before this new 0.2.2 security update is made available, please adhere to the following recommendations:
* Only play on trusted servers.
* If anyone asks you to add or to your windows ‘hosts’ file, ignore the request.
* If you notice the Internet and Official lists disappear again, please check this website for information.

It has been decided that, although the actions of the former developer are damaging to the project, the responsibility for preventing something like this was my own. There should have been more strict criteria for allowing someone to enter the team and access the source code and encryption keys. Signed agreements should have also been in place. These will be part of the new rules for any SA-MP developer that has access to the source code.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused during the downtime and hopefully this situation will be completely resolved after the next software update.

Kind regards,
SA-MP Lead Developer