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« on: August 13, 2009, 06:19:31 pm »
AdrenalineX BUG Tracker

The increase in bugs has made me take a different approach to how bugs are
reported and dealt with.  Bug trackers are used a lot to keep track of all bugs,
not only the actual bug, but the process in which they are dealth with.  Also
it's a lot better than a thread containing all the bugs, easy to get behind and
ignored.  SA-MP and MTA both have a bug tracker. Hopefully everyone gets
onboard and starts reporting the problems in this new category.

[WIP] = Bug currently being fixed.
[Fixed] = Fully fixed and working.
[Not Bugged] = Wrongly reported bug.
[Unknown] = Unknown, need more feedback from users.
[Disabled] = Not a bug, feature is disabled.

[SA-MP Bug] = GTA based bug, we're unable to fix it.

I will do a few examples of bugs I'd like to report.

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