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Off-Topic / Androidx86 OS for PC/Laptop/Netbook
« on: July 25, 2012, 05:46:35 am »
:O have you tried this?? i was looking for some drivers on ASUS page and it was a Android drivers.. WTF... just noticed today what android is an OS for our laptops or netbooks

there is a CD live or Install .... as in linux systems we can try it without installing :D its nice, is it???!!



Help & Resources / I quit as admin
« on: February 19, 2011, 03:35:58 am »
i have been playing since 2006, when i found by error an video of GTA on youtube then i downloaded the SAMP 0.1b,  and i played in a lot of servers trolling players and admins hehehe

i took this game as a "stress remover" for my stundent's life on university, and until now this game has been a fuckin addiction.

i have great memories about a lot of players on SAMP (goods and bads) and i have been thinking about this months ago... i almost finish the University and i need to move on and make a new life...

i wish u keep having fun with this game and good luck for next generations


Help & Resources / GTA SA on MAC... SAMP on MAC???
« on: January 04, 2011, 10:07:31 am »
well, i just finished to install a snowleopard in my pc, ;) and i got windows 7 aswell, then.. i was searching around for a GTA on MAC and i saw GTA:SA avaiable on MAC, do u know if someday SAMP's builders gonna make a SAMP on MAC??? seriously, gtasa on mac runs more smooth and faster, would be cool and no cheaters xD

has someone got any information???

Help & Resources / Command for Mute Microphone in Windows [SOLVED]
« on: October 28, 2010, 01:02:45 am »
What is the command for mute/unmute my microphone in Windows?? ???


Suggestions / Re-Sort Wheels Menu
« on: September 26, 2010, 02:44:05 am »
i see repetitives models in the wheels list and bad sorted, can u sorted them by Name??? A-Z

Off-Topic / s0beit's Interview
« on: September 13, 2010, 06:16:01 am »
OKStyle: "Hello. I'm OKStyle - Owner of Russian GTA News Project ( Can I Asked some questions to you for Interview for My Project?"
s0beit: "Sure, go ahead, We CAN chat on IRC or another medium if it Would be Quicker, or Could I answer a questionare through Email"

OKStyle: "Today We want to Talk about your history-related games series Grand Theft Auto (Cause s0beit wrote cheats Not just for GTA, CA. The Author). Now you - known in Certain circles, personality, Author of Fashion, Which is One of the most popular "Cheat" / trainers ... And tell us how it all started?"
s0beit: "Well it started a long, long time ago at a Place called, the Site is Currently Not in full Operation BUT I Have learned things in That small community helped Which Have Me Better to make hacks and mods in the future , and helped me to be a better programmer in general. m0d_s0beit however started a few years ago when SA-MP released its first update, the very first version i wrote was very crude but a developer named "wang" came a long and revised it into the version you are all familiar with today, the community also helped in developing some features of m0d_s0beit, a man named "nuckfuts" now maintains the current google-code page. Can be found here: / p/m0d-s0beit-sa /)

It Is not a very exciting Story Especially from My perspective, BUT, I am nobody Without My wonderful communities."

OKStyle: "We all want to know, Which Means your Nick Name? And whats your Real Name, if it's Not a secret?"
s0beit: "s0beit Was a Name Created by Me in My Youth When I Was a graffiti artist ... it sounds very unusual BUT I swear ITS True! It is a Way to Say the american / english term "so be it", Which means "Let it be so, I accept it as it is.", meaning i am a very relaxed individual i guess you could say! My real first name is "Andrew", i live in Chicago, Illinois USA but that is all i am letting you know, hehe ..."

OKStyle: "Why Cheat? No protection from Them, namely, game hacking?"
s0beit: "I Cheat Because I Have Found it always fun, Cheating Itself CAN be quite entertaining and I like to amAze people with special My Abilities, like a Magician, I Also use it for making people mad BUT Never punishing anyone, or vengence, i just like to see their reaction. It can be quite amusing when people take games too seriously. Developing cheats is another matter, i love the challenge of fighting some one else's code, or finding out the secrets of a game engine which most people do Not know. Very intellectually entertaining."

OKStyle: "What do you Think, why Players use cheats? There are many Opinions, BUT We want to know is yours."
s0beit: "Players Mostly use cheats to gain the advantage, I am Not a person Who cares about scores or ingame money or reputation, BUT a lot of people do care."

OKStyle: "Are you Familiar with Other "Capable" chitopisateli, for Example, such as CrazyVirus, V0gelz etc.?"
s0beit: "I am Familiar with V0gelz, he is a good friend of mine from years ago and is a good developer. I am Not Familiar with CrazyVirus."

OKStyle: "You'll Never Come up with the idea of Cooperation with Them?"
s0beit: "I Do not Currently Maintain the m0d_s0beit code, Nuckfuts does, BUT I'm sure Nuckfuts gets all the help he needs from the community."

OKStyle: "You Follow the distribution of ITS Modifications?"
s0beit: "I do Not (hehe), I Have many Projects Going on and I Generally Do not care if anyone MODIFIES My code or redistributes it (unless They sell it, That is just dirty .. BUT I will not make a Fuss if They do, I just Think less of Them) and most people Who Maintain My code now Feel the Same Way Generally."

OKStyle: "Is your Project Open? Modification translated Into Different languages, some people, such NaWaR, Change a few elements and give your mod for Their work. Emblem you this nickname?"
s0beit: "Our Project is Open, anyone CAN Modify it and it Distribute Freely as long as They give Credits, BUT I Do not like When people Steal Credits, I am Familiar with NaWaR and I Really Do not approve of what he does (In the past he Has removed from HIS distrobutions Credits). It is however the Internet, if I Got upset over things like this I Would be a very Depressed man."

OKStyle: "If you know That you CAN tell about it? As far as We know - Was he Russian."
s0beit: "I Believe Answered I above this, I know some details about NaWaR BUT I will not reveal Them, That is if what you mean ..."

OKStyle: "Your "Cheat" is supported in the San-Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP) and Multi Theft Auto (MTA). This Support is specifically Added the mod and INITIALLY Worked in the multiplayer?"
s0beit: "Our definately Cheat is Not supported by Either SA-MP or MTA, They are Probably Trying to Stop it in Fact. m0d_s0beit Was Developed as a multiplayer Cheat at First, BUT Was compatible with Single Player."

OKStyle: "Do you Not Cooperate with the Developers of multiplayer GTA?"
s0beit: "I Do not, no. I do however know many of Them and They are Generally good Developers ..."

OKStyle: "In the World of multiplayer GTA, There are forms of Organization, such as clans. Never Been in Any?"
s0beit: "Good question, I Was formerly in a clan yes ... the [KFC] Which clan runs the Party Server, I Was using the alias "Opium" at the time and I Was quite good, I Think, this Was Back in the GTA - Vice City Days however BUT They are Generally good people."

OKStyle: "If you Were, then as an impression?"
s0beit: "I Believe I Left some impression, They Also Left an impression on Me. They Were fun people to hang out with and I remember Sometimes Them, They Were the First people on the Internet I Was able to Have fun with in a chat Room, just Relaxing Playing a game. I Held an underboss status at the time, I Was in charge of a small portion of the clan in Place of some One else. We did pretty well I Think."

OKStyle: "If Left, what a reason?"
s0beit: "I Do not remember the Circumstances Behind My Leaving exactly, I Think the clan scene just Died after a while. I Would Ask Them BUT They are Not often do on the Internet or Have new contact information, this Was many years ago"

OKStyle: "In this, the Russian language, the community Has Recently Begun to Appear Formations cheaters, some of Whom Have Become legends. For instance, the clan [AO], Players: Neo, Admin, [MOO] Mapper ... Heard of Them?"
s0beit: "I Have Heard of [MOO] Mmapper BUT Not the others, I Live in America and it is hard for Me to Keep up with Developments in Russia. I am sure They are Fine people."

OKStyle: "Have you ever Heard of the Wars cheaters? On the training Cheating and TOP-100 cheaters? On the rank of teacher and student?"
s0beit: "I Have Not BUT it sounds interesting, maybe you CAN fill in Me!"

OKStyle: "How Could you EXPLAIN the Fact That such Wars do Not win your user Modification, and, for Example, owners or CrazyTrainer CLEO?"
s0beit: "Like I Explained above I am unaware of what Those are, I Have no idea Sorry."

OKStyle: "Never regretted m0d_s0beit That Was "Born"?"
s0beit: "Not Really, I regret making the users Suffer BUT if I Did not do it then somebody else Would Have done it. It is a Fact of life."

OKStyle: "Braley Do you Have an Interview before this moment? For Example, some large portals on the GTA game series?"
s0beit: "I Have Not Been interviewed before Personally no, you guys are the First to Have Found My Email I guess! (I Have not gotten Any emails bugging Me about m0d_s0beit Updates so it must be True, lol) ..."

OKStyle: "Maybe you want to Say Something on My Own? What an interesting Story, perhaps?"
s0beit: "I Would like to Say That I appreciate do Not how Kye handled HIS Own staff and the community at large. There is a reason he is alone now and I Hope people convert to MTA Because Their feature list is strong. Also I prefer Lua to Pawno these days.

I would also like to thank Jacob, Trix, the old DRuG clan, Static (Assembly programmer), wang, V0gelz, RealFreaky and many others who made the a community to be proud of. We learned things There."

OKStyle: "What are your future plans? Will Continue to update and Maintain m0d_s0beit?"
s0beit: "I Like mentioned Earlier I do Not Support m0d_s0beit at this time, nuckfuts Supports it now and he Shows no signs of stopping. Actually I do Have some Other Projects however. I run a Site Dedicated to multiplayer Cheating known as and a Mafia 2 modding website known as, they are in english but perhaps your users might enjoy visiting. I also maintain a blog which usually has my single-player mods in it, http://mods.guidtech. net."


PS: i knew it!

Suggestions / /scanevader
« on: August 15, 2010, 06:53:10 pm »
can someone make /scanevader cmd??

sometimes players banned join in server and we dont know, maybe /scanevader would make it more easy and faster... u know what i mean

Off-Topic / Killerbunnies SA:MP and AX friendly Wheels Mods
« on: August 02, 2010, 03:22:58 am »
Well after a lot of testing and trying to fix bugs, here are the Killerbunnies's Wheels AX Mods

As you'll know, must to use IMGTOOL for remplace the files. If u dont have it you can download from the attachment from this post.
You need G-TXD or Txdworkshop in order to change textures of a certain wheel.


          wheel_lr1 = Classic
          wheel_lr2 = Dollar
          wheel_lr3 = Twist
          wheel_lr4 = Wires
          wheel_lr5 = Trance

          wheel_sr1 = Cutter
          wheel_sr2 = Rimshine
          wheel_sr3 = Mega
          wheel_sr4 = Grove
          wheel_sr5 = Switch
          wheel_sr6 = Shadow

          wheel_gn1 = Import
          wheel_gn2 = Atomic
          wheel_gn3 = Ahab
          wheel_gn4 = Virtual
          wheel_gn5 = Access

          wheel_or1 = OffRoad

Some of the wheels come with alternative textures, so you can use the wheel as a different changing/switching each one, some wheels dont need textures it just goes as its is...

All wheels can work without textures, they arent necessary. But if you want ADD more efects to these wheels, you can add the textures or some cool shines.

If Madmax, Firebox, Epoxi and some other modder can add metal textures and cool efects for my wheels, I would greatly appreciate that.

I did a Complete Set Wheels for AdrenalineX: 17 wheels total. It will be sorted by names.

My mods are just simple 3D objects, it doesnt affect the performance in game even doesnt change the car handling. Doesnt take more memory in game. Doesnt cause lag or bugs.

You can change the name instead your favorite wheel on server, it wont affect the wheel or its working.

Here we go:




Off-Topic / IQ test, How much u got??
« on: March 01, 2010, 05:48:35 pm »
lets see how much u get

i got 129 one year ago... but not screen shots.. i will do again and post a screenshot with my points..



Unban Requests / :( my bad! ArFa_pL
« on: January 18, 2010, 07:21:03 am »
please unban, ArFa_pL, IP:
i was specting the "warning scan" :( sorry... my bad!

« on: September 05, 2009, 04:32:43 pm »
LOL i was looking for a serial page and i found this page hahahaaha

Unban Requests / BANNED again by ¬¬ [CAN]Ironman
« on: August 10, 2009, 06:25:55 am »
Admin who banned you:Ironman
Reason:Speedhack and liar
Reason why you should be unbanned:

He told that i was "running" over him, and floating on road or someshit like that... LOL , we started a race and some guy with "bluesky's color's nick" was behind me... i saw iron in the grid when he started to say " WFT HOW DO U DO THAT???  I WILL PUNISH YOU GOOD" but i ignored him and i just running ahead... then suddenly he banned me... ¬¬ i hope that he got screenshots at least or a video, cuz i didnt hax or cheat, i never though that he will ban me again, i was running like as i always do -.-, below are my screenshots... i wanna see my flying car on his screenshots!!... UNBANME!!! I ARENT CHITZOR!!


i cant see it!!! U_U i wanna play!! whats wrong?? am i banned???

Unban Requests / unbanme pls [UNBANNED LOL]
« on: July 01, 2009, 02:36:40 am »
Admin: [Ax]Ironman
Reason: speedmod

ohh man!... ¬¬ i told you i have no mod or cheats..... i have been playing for a while with you like copilot ¬¬ why u didnt get me??? just cuz that young get mad when i won him??? its unfair...

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