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« on: June 22, 2022, 04:46:12 am »
1) I will make 15 racing tracks for new SummerTourney_2022 like in old days. Then we will wait mooman or vertigo for start tourney(need to ask about this system + automacially update times on the forum. We must know all details.
2) Soon i will make new Summer_Endurance_Event! That's will be more fun than before. There will be race on the mountain bike for 1-2 hours and that's will be really interesting race!
3) In plans make new update with clanwars and funwars on the server!
4) In plans make new update with automacially(or Nos will do it alone w/o auto-system) randomly enable x2 score on the server. For example if on the server is ok with active online players(10-15) - then in randomly time will be activated x2 score for 1 hour. This system now discussed!
5) Also i planned to do 24 hours stream challange on youtube with webcam! I will playning almost nonSTOP on AdrenalineX + will be activated x2 score for full day and you will play with me
6) When i will have money and not will problems with it - i will buy advertising in popular sa-mp publics like before. For example in my plans buy advertising about Summer_Endurance_Event with mountain bikes.
7) As you can see server name a little changed, that's because we want to buy tab "hosted" i mean add server. With new name must be more new players! And we can back AdrenalineX in old days with good active on the server!
In one month tab "Hosted" costs somewhere 20-22$. If you can help for us and interesting about future of the our server, you can help us with donations: Thank you on the future! P.S: For now our server not shows in the tabs "Internet" and "Hosted"

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That's so great, only if us the old players would have the time. :(


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Would be great!