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Read me first: Ban check, FAQ and instructions!
« on: May 25, 2008, 10:42:30 pm »
1. Check if you're actually banned

To check if you're banned, try to connect to the server a few times to make sure it's not just a bug. If you are banned, the server will tell you why you were banned. However, if you saw yourself get banned but your IP has changed since then, do NOT try to join the server as that would count as ban evading and may result in a longer ban.

2. So you're definitely banned? Read these FAQs to see if you're eligible for an unban

  • I hacked but I'm really really sorry and won't ever do it again. Can I get unbanned?
    In 2 years. Do not ban evade as every time you evade your ban, the 2 years starts again.
  • My friend/brother/sister/father/mother/grandparents/uncle/aunt/son/daughter hacked on my PC. Can I get unbanned?
    No. You're responsible for what happens on your PC. If you don't want to get banned, make sure you trust everyone who uses your PC. Otherwise, don't let them use it.
  • I only had a lamp/car mod, that's not a hack. Why am I banned?
    Any mod that gives you an advantage will, depending on the advantage, get you banned instantly or kicked first then banned if you rejoin without removing it. Not knowing that car mods give you an advantage is no excuse.
  • I got banned. How long will it last for?
    Any bans for hacking and most other bans are for 2 years. If it was for flaming/flooding, there is no minimum length and you'll have to make a ban appeal and wait for the admins to decide the duration. You will NOT get unbanned if you don't make a ban appeal because, by default, all bans apart from "temp bans" are permanent and an unban date isn't decided until someone asks for one.
  • What is ban evading?
    Ban evading is when an admin is sure you're a banned player trying to play under a different (or, in some cases with particularly clever players, the same) name.

3. You're eligible? Great, now just read these instructions before making a topic

When you post an unban request, please include as many of the following as possible:
  • Name the topic with your in-game name.
  • IP address at time of banning (you don't need to include the last section eg. for you can post your IP as 123.123.123.XXX). If you don't know your IP go to and it should tell you the right one unless you access the internet via a proxy
  • Admin who banned you
  • Reason given by the admin for your banning
  • Reason(s) why we should unban you

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Following these instructions is recommended as it will speed up the unban process, but not mandatory.
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