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TFGO is now recruiting!
« on: November 16, 2018, 02:40:07 pm »
The Frost Gang Orginials is one of AX most notorious and renowned clans that has been around since 2014. And today I'm officially reviving this clan with the aspiration to grow to be one of the dominating forces on the server.

Since the start we have had the ambition to competete and the highest level, to improve not only ourselves, but the sever in general. To stand as a beacon of hope in this barren landscape och top1-consuming clans. A morally defendable source of inspiration for new and old racers, who can see beyond the next top time, who will protect the clans integrity over their own greedy needs of highscore points. A player with dignity and respect, who treats other players, admins and clanmates alike with kindness and heartwarming joy. The player we need.

As a member of this clan we at TFGO expect of you to wear our badge with honor, to never let the silly bugs and collisions of this old game get to your head. We aim to stand above such raging behaviour. Other then that we only demand that you treat others with respect, and that you are not - a fucking retard.

So don't hesitate, If you feel like you wan't to be apart of such a great community - File your application today! Applications can be sent here or to me via PM.

Just fill out this format when you post your application:

1. Name on sever
2. Current score
3. Nationality
4. Are you a retard? Yes/No.

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Re: TFGO is now recruiting!
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Good luck!
My certificate on the nickname: