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Title: 2 stupid bugs
Post by: [EFO]r1d3r[UA] on May 19, 2018, 11:02:13 am
Hello everybody!
I think a lot players know about it and met. But nobody gonna fix.
First №1 BUG: After finished race in votelist repeated races from previous list. And this happens very often. Sometimes helps when admins loaded other races and then votelist working so. Very annoying especially when: "you're on the server alone". The only plus is that you can make good time trials, but still crap!
Second №2 BUG: I think this bug is familiar to many who use /nos nfs nitro to be precise "hold to activate". Sometimes the nitro will not turn off, but it should work perfectly! This bug is very annoying. Especially around turns.
Admins and players for long time known about these bugs. Scripters, please FIX it! ::)