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Off-Topic / The best duo tournament MTA
« on: April 24, 2018, 12:17:46 pm »

Im working on 2vs2 tournament in mta and i thought some of you might be interested in.
It's going to take a place on SGA Private server (IP mtasa:// 07.07.2018r (yea in almost 2 months, but if we can get 30 teams im supposed to make 190 maps for whole tournament)
Registration ends 13.05.2018r and after that i will use randomizer to mix teams
Some basic informations:
Vanilla map, theres no added/deleted original objects from GTA SA, just pure street racing (offroad too :DD)
Banned vehicles: Planes, boats, vans etc.
Deafult weather, no rain because of fps drops
Nitro is infinite, just be carefull to not die, because you will lose it :D
Randomfoliage script is going to disable all sort of random rocks, trees spawning on the map
Each stage will have same vehicles but different maps, for example in first stage there's 4 groups, they will race same vehicles but on different routes.
Discord account is required for easy contact between players and me(at least one per team).

I will make more precise thread after the registration ends, because it mainly depends on amount of teams


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