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Endurance League INFO
« on: August 24, 2022, 03:36:27 pm »

AdrenalineX Racing presents its first ever endurance race league, an event that will span 3 months and be comprised of 11 endurance
races, each lasting between 40 and 80 minutes. Each race, the top 15 finishers will score points, which they can use to claim a variety of
prizes at the end of the league. The endurance league will feature a community-funded prize pool, which currently seeks to distribute €150+ among the top performers.

The player with the most points after the final race will claim 50% of the prize pool, second and third will receive 30% and 20% respectively (if the pool continues to grow, cash prizes may be extended to top 5). Players that finish in the top 10 will receive ingame score and currency, as well as other prizes that are yet to be determined. Current prize pool: **€150+**

Every race will be one world and have ghostmode, autorepair, and will be 40-80 minutes in length. Races will take place on the AdrenalineX Racing SA:MP server (IP:
Races will begin on Sundays at 18:00 CET unless stated otherwise. The first race will be played on September 11th, the final race will be played on December 4th. Races will additionally be announced on Discord. Find the full schedule, as well as the standings at: Google doc

> Do I need to sign up?
No, showing up and racing with a registered account is all you need to do to be classified.
> What is the points distribution?
20, 17, 15, 13, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
> Can I contribute to the prize pool?
Yes, contact @66_nos for further details regarding donations.
> If I contribute a race to the league, can I still play?
Race makers will be allowed to partake in their own races, but will only claim 70% of their scored points for that race.

More info on discord:

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Re: Endurance League INFO
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2022, 07:30:50 pm »
Marking the finale of the AdrenalineX Endurance League, we announce today's champion in Verence, who takes home the grand prize of €138 with a staggering winrate of 82%. Despite opening strongly, you were faced with adversity soon after. With a missed race and a penalty left to collect, the deficit felt daunting, yet you did not falter. Instead, you persisted and through a series of impeccable drives, secured the crown with one race to spare. Before we shower ourselves in the reverie of closure, I move the spotlight from our deserving champion to the ones that made all of this worth it — the community. Together we completed a grueling 35636 kilometers across a span of three months — the road has been long, and as we wrap things up, I would like to give a mention to the following people for their involvement in the league:
Thank you to Nos for his diligent efforts throughout the event, as well as his continued work on the server in recent years. Not only have you nailed the technical side of things, but you altruistically navigated the difficulties of the human condition when the rest of us struggled for solutions. You have shown yourself to be responsive, flexible and reasonable, and without you, there would be no league to speak of.
Thank you to JN for getting the groundwork laid and helping establish some of the key processes early on. You have been the one to set the league in motion and your receptiveness, as well as your inputs throughout it, have been pivotal in its success.
Thank you to Meso, Verence, JN, Honz, fonfon, nikki and Waldek for the time they have willingly invested into making each round a reality. The creative process is not one of linear nature, especially at the scale you were posed with. In spite of this, each of you surmounted the obstacles unique to your path and delivered, what was ultimately, the vital element of the league.
Thank you to elanista, Meso and Enfield for their generous donations. You stood to gain nothing from your charity, yet you selflessly enabled us to raise the stakes massively. While we can put a number on your financial contributions, your long-standing commitment to the community is invaluable.
Thank you to Rider for his promotional work, which has put this event on the map for some of our newer racers, as well as veterans from analogous communities. Even though your impact tends to go unnoticed, your intense devotion to this community can not be questioned, and we can only pride ourselves in having you with us.
Thank you to fonfon and tors for their recording of the event. An archive is a witness to the past, something that tells a story — the importance of which is not to be understated. You have made the league accessible in a way that could not be achieved otherwise.
And thank you to @everyone that showed up and played, without you it would all have been for nothing.
And lastly, a standing featuring the top ten players that through their efforts, have made themselves eligible for prizes — including the final prize pool of €308.42
1.  Verence       5000 score | $5,000,000 | €138.79
2.  McLareN       4500 score | $4,500,000 | €77.10
3.  shell         4000 score | $4,000,000 | €46.26
4.  Honz          3500 score | $3,500,000 | €30.84
5.  Ignition      3000 score | $3,000,000 | €15.42
6.  LENZER        2500 score | $2,500,000
7.  TPABEPC       2000 score | $2,000,000
8.  randomplayer  1500 score | $1,500,000
9.  MWL3          1000 score | $1,000,000
10. SUCKARZ        500 score | $500,000

Final standings:
League footage:

full text written by our admin 2 lvl (c) shell
My certificate on the nickname: