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« on: May 30, 2022, 01:13:22 pm »
Here is a short list of the AdrenalineX rules (keep in mind that these rules apply for ingame as well):

1. Obey the admins
2. No advertisements (unless you have been given the permission)
3. No racism
4. No politics/religion
5. Don't post NSFW content
6. No spam
8. No DDOS
9. No bug abuse (this one applies to the website and forum, as well as ingame)
10. Respect the other players/forum users

The next rules apply mostly for ingame:
11. No ramming/blocking (basically don't disrupt other people's race)
12. No cheating
13. No car mods or any other mod that can give you any sort of advantage (not knowing that a mod gave you any advantage is no excuse)
14. No car hijacking
15. Do not abuse the FPS (don't reduce the fps limit, for a short period of time or the entirety of the race, below the minimum allowed number for every mode , /race 30, having fps over 100 might get you banned as well)

Keep an eye on this page because more rules might be added at a later point in time.
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