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AdrenalineX - FiveM Edition
« on: April 14, 2019, 07:38:04 pm »
This probably won't get read for months but thought I would suggest it anyway. There isn't one dedicated racing server on FiveM, all of the GTA:O races are shitey stunt races and no one plays the vanilla races (which are the best). Definitely a gap in the market for this type of server and it would breathe new life into the adrenalinex brand, bring new players etc. The developer probably doesn't have the time or energy to write a new server from scratch but it doesn't need to be anything flash, somehow rip vanilla, ground based races to begin with and a simple voting thing like it has now. I would certainly donate to get it off the ground. SA-MP it outdated and this server is a shadow of what it was a few years ago (Sunday nascar events were amazing) Just throwing it out there to see how many people agree