Author Topic: Suggestion about range bans etc..  (Read 2725 times)

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Suggestion about range bans etc..
« on: January 15, 2019, 08:17:12 am »
I know that you practice range bans long time ago. And i'm sure that now many IP's are banned here.
Now 2019 year of sa-mp and as you can see online on the server almost everyday down. Mostly here play only old players.
I'm sure that anyway come across new players who tried joined the server and see "server closed the connection" "range ban".
And also i know that been angry cheaters etc. But that's been very long time ago and at least IP's which been banned 2008-2017 must be unbanned now - that's my suggestion.
If some angry cheaters will back you always can ban them. But i think that not will happen.
Examples when my GF tried joined on the server first time:,7002.0.html and,6983.0.html
You just must understand that nobody will make here unban app like this. She even don't tried. And i just helped for she.
So i suggest unban range bans 2008-2017 years except VPN/Proxy. And then more new players will come play on our server.
Also you can say: ah fuck that's suggestion by the guy with bad past reputation here. Maybe yes, but i want now help for the server only. Not for these cheaters etc.
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