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Endurance race 23.12.17 20 CET
« on: December 18, 2017, 12:56:41 pm »
So guys, i had a lot of free time on these weekends and i decided to make an endurance race. I really liked that kind of racing and made my own map, unfortunately i wont play this because i know it but i played it already for a test. This gonna be ~55 mins race with car changes and no repairs along the way. We will play it in MTA on KDC training server, but with 60 fps to create a small advantage for samp racers. Also, i will ask Davy to install a script which deletes random MTA trees and rocks. Respawn is gonna 30 seconds so try to not die =) Btw, there are no planes or bikes in that race, only cars. The race map is default GTA SA map, i didnt put any objects there. Cps are the average size so it will let you cut through the turns.
YOU DONT HAVE TO REGISTER ANYWHERE, just come to this server 23.12.17 20 CET and play the race:
Dont judge strictly, this my first race, some parts you may not like, but i know that such long races are fun anyway
If you have any questions, leave it here or send me in pm.