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Suggestions - 0.3.8
« on: November 26, 2017, 07:59:00 am »
The new version of SA:MP brings us something we have long waited (At least 6-7 years) and these are server-side custom models. The client is still in the RC version ... Original topic :

This update brings us the addition of server side objects, so the scripter can add different folders, new objects, skins, bla bla cars ... (Not yet complete but will be in the final version).

My idea was to activate clans. So as there will be the possibility of adding new models, clans can be made by marking the skins, and car skins. I do not mean to change the car, but the texture on it. For example, an inscription on the cheetah FSR, 2F2F, what i know ...

What do you think about creating a race on Vice City's map? The map is not perfect, but there are plenty of good parts that can be used.