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A few bugs
« on: October 02, 2015, 09:04:38 pm »
  • Half the time highscore split times in SK are bugged, showing a seemingly random negative value, sometimes a few seconds, sometimes a minute.
  • Races in /TT starting with lowercase and uppercase letters have different alphabets.
  • Roads can be spawned in /TT ramp races, which can be abused to gain time in a lot of parts.
  • Fighting style doesn't seem to save after rejoining after a leave or timeout.
  • Sometimes the race leaderboard disables itself and has to be disabled and re-enabled through /hud options (rejoin fixes it too).
  • Very long races like !buffalo1000 and SF_Tram_1000_OW don't save records.
  • When you /last3 other players, it shows their nickname instead of their position for the latest race
  • /TT is using some outdated /f, it only works when youre flipped, but you can do it at any speed
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