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Xmas Tourney 2012 - INFORMATION (UPDATE 2012/12/20)
« on: December 14, 2012, 10:53:31 am »
Today the Xmas Tourney will start, if you wish to join tell an admin to add you ingame.

Some information and rules

• Elimination tourney, if you get eliminated your time will not count for the next round. You can still do the remaining rounds.

• Every new round will start at 3pm GMT, and each round will last for 2 days.

• You will have 2 attempts each round and 2 only, your 2nd attempt will start right after you finish your first one.

• Number of eliminations will be decided once Round 1 has finished

• This tournament will have a total of 13 rounds


Where can I find my time? Your time will be shown on this page

My game crashed on my X attempt, can I have another chance? No you cannot. If you crash there's nothing we can do about it.

I failed to finish my run on the first attempt and got disqualified, can I have another attempt? Not in this tourney, if would be unfair to give you a 2nd attempt this far in the tourney. Other players have already failed their first attempt and havent been given a 2nd one. In the future, this will be possible to give you another chance.

Which vehicles will be used in this tourney? This have not been announced yet, it will be announced at a later point around halfway thru the tourney.
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