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[COMPLAINT] regarding admin [TF]Zakhary
« on: March 31, 2011, 04:17:54 pm »
After a while being inactive i decided to login on Adrenaline X on the 31st of March.
The first person to say something to me was admin Zakhary, he said ''allah akhbar ahmad'' (meaning: allah is great).
As a muslim i responded with ''allahu akbar Zakhary'' (meaning allah is great in a response)

However, Zakhary decided to respond with ''x_X should i be scared now?''
I asked Zakhary why he should be scared.
He reponded with ''i should watch the sky if there is any airplane coming into my house''

When he said this i was in shock and felt insulted that people really thought like that and would actually associate
all muslims with terrorist. I for one feel disrespected and discriminated by [TF]Zakhary and other muslim communitymembers would also.

I have asked around where the best place is to report a admin however no one knew so i decided to post on this section because it said ''complaints''
So hereby i made this topic to report admin [TF]Zakhary for racial comments.

Pictures are below.

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Re: [COMPLAINT] regarding admin [TF]Zakhary
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2011, 04:24:37 pm »
I said it was a bad kind of joke... Sometimes I am too sarcastic and due to I'm not English speaker my jokes are created in wrong way.
This time it could touch your religion so I'm sorry for this one. Should not happen for sure and it won't happen again too. If you are really touched accept my apologizes.
As somebody said I should not joke from a few poeple faults in the meaning of another bilions...


what a shame for me :|
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Re: [COMPLAINT] regarding admin [TF]Zakhary
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what a shame for me :|

lol read the little letters  :L